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TPM , ( Three Phase Method ) dup??

4 days a week no ohp

full tpm 5 days a week

                Three phase method in a nutshell is dup/concurrent style of training but with my personal tweaks and principles that i apply to my programming.
i will be touching the surface of my bread and butter that that took my lifts from
squat 420-550 , bench 320-375 , deadlift 501-585 in 3 cycles @ 180's

1:1 Ratio
  1:1 ratio for every lower body compound movement , you will have a upper compound movement for all main compounds movements or important lifts. 

frequency is generally determined by your training needs or experience but i believe everyone should squat and press 3 times a week and deadlift 2 times a week , now before you tear me down saying i squat heavy once a week and that's enough for me and i'm full of shit blaahh blah bla ...
3 times is over training , it's not as long as you plan your approach which i will cover this later .
but for reference most people start on a 5x5 template which has you squat & press three times a week and deadlift 1 to 2 times a week depending on the week and most people do alright on this style of traing until they hit a wall and that wall happens due to lack variation of reps and intensity and lack of deload, one can modified a 5x5 template with little knowledge and make long term gains aka Texas Method

 Three phases
The three phases that you will find yourself in at some point and the labeling of these phases/blocks vary but they will generally be the same in terms of layout. 
how I label these blocks or phases are hypertrophy , strength  and power.

with ratio,frequency and phases covered we can make a rough layout so if you choose to squat and press 3 times a week and deadlift 2 times a week that's 5 lower body movements and 3 upper body movements so you will have to add 2 more pressing movements to have a 1:1 ratio with that being said that's would look like this ..
application of phases 
with the layout up above day 1 would be your hypertrophy day 6-10 reps @ 60-70%, day 3 would be your power or strength day personally i do power on this day which is 1-4 reps @ 80%-85% most people use this as a speed day but i feel higher intensity will get you comfortable with heavy weight and grease the groove with some real weight , day 5 would be strength or power day since we used power on day 3, day 5 will be strength day 3-6 reps @ 75-85% ..  i know wheres day 2 and 4 
day 2 will be your power day for deadlift 8-12 sets of 1 rep @ 80-85% singles!! ?? yes it's simple and it works now for the military pressing this can be hypertrophy 6-10 reps @ 60-70% .
day 4 with be you strength day for deadlifts 8-12 sets  2-3 reps @ 75%-80% ,military press will be a strength day 3-6 reps @ can flip flop the pressing days (hyper/strength) or (strength/hyper) and change exercise to fit your needs.
 what that would look like ..
higher volume layout

weight or intensity Progression 
progression or periodization or planning what ever you want to call you have to have a plan, with no plan you have no direction, I like to keep things simple i can break down percentage of each week and so on but less thinking and more lifting is my approach. My approach is simple you lay your percentages out for week 1 and then week 2 you add 5-10lbs to all lifts ,week 3 +5lbs,
week 4 +5lbs and week 5 deload . simple and effective , example ....

Selecting your starting weight and Deload

picking you training weight ,  I recommend your most recent 2rm or 94% of your most recent 1rm with that being said it gives you some wiggle room for those off day but still enough to drive progress Deload week 5 , i recommend deloading volume but not intensity to prep you to lead into a peak or just test you 2rm on this week and use those numbers for your next training cycle , your 2 options would look like this 

variation of exercises and phases
hypertrophy comp lift or a close variation bring up lagging muscle or weakness 
squat- front squat ,high bar ,low bar 
bench -Close grip, wide grip , incline ,spoto and so on 
deadlift ,n/a

power  , your competition lift 
squat -comp squat 
bench-comp lifts
deadlift -comp deadlift 

strength, comp lift or movement that will carry over to your comp lift and build strength 
squat-more comp squat , pause squat, box squat, pin squat ..
bench, more comp bench ,pause variations, pin ,floor ..
deadlift- more comp deadlift or alternative stance ,pause off floor , box or rack pulls....

applying amraps to your training will keep training fun and you will more than likely hit in cycle rep pr's which keeps you excited and enjoying training at same time you don't have to do amraps unless you choose to i apply amraps to my power day which tends to lead to big rep pr's i do not use amraps on deadlift i don't see the need or reason, (1 x + ) is the amrap set.
  what that would look like ...

Sets & reps and progression 
picking an choosing your sets and reps per your objective is simple applying and manipulating is even simpler a lot of people want to over complicate this how i like lay my sets and reps out and manipulate them , for hypertrophy week 1-2  4x8 ,week 3-4 4x7 then week 5 deload and repeat or week 1-2 4x7 week 3-4 4x6 then week 5 deload and repeat or peak .
this would be a higher volume block but an effective block .

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